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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Put down the mouse, please

This is something I’ve been saying a lot, lately.
And not to my cat.
No, my daughter has discovered the computer. Probably because my wife and I both spend time on it. Of course, it also has a pretty screen with lots of colors. But she’s fascinated. She runs eagerly toward my desk whenever she’s in the office, and starts playing with the mouse. And the keyboard.
Several times now I’ve come home, gone on the computer, and found that several of my folders and applications have been renamed. Often in binary.
And last week she figured out how to double-click. This is not a good thing. So, if not closely monitored, she will open windows, close windows, activate programs, rename files, and set up a variety of keyboard shortcuts. She’s still working on the CD tray—she knows that one of the buttons on the keyboard controls it, but fortunately it’s in the upper right corner where she usually can’t reach. Every so often she brushes it, however, and the tray pops open. I quickly close it again. Then she starts frantically pushing the other keys, hoping to repeat the process.
I love my daughter. I’m glad she’s very smart. I’m glad she’s demonstrating an interest in computer literacy. I did not expect to have to worry about her retyping my work for several more years. I thought only my editors would be doing that.


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